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I just kept seeing stuff about Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 so now I want to put Makoto and Gou in a similar scenario where Makoto has Maiha and Gou has Minoru and they’re just trying to find each other in the mess. v wv;;

all the way from december 9th. there wasn’t much important info in the tags or anything, and I didn’t see any other post related to the AU, so it seems like this is as detailed as I got with this. 

I am crying digi you are the best thank you now I can keep writing in peace.


Now I can be on tumblr off mobile thank god.

I was looking for the original post digi made about the original earthquake AU idea. I think I ended up taking the children away that time, but now I can’t find the original post and i thought there was some crucial idea that I wanted to include and I can’t find it and T_T


[3:46 PMA video I’ve been watching every day lately. This family warms my heart…





The absence of women in history is man made.

How petty

just look at babe ruth’s face tho

so confused

so lost

i love it

Your daily dosage of “men are actually giant babies who will do anything to protect their position of power over women”

the black king & the white queen


Preview of my entry for the Free! BL fanbook “A Sight You’ve Never Seen Before”, put together by life-in-a-glasscase! Keep your eyes open, looks like it’s gonna be killer! 



actual badass makoto kino aka sailor jupiter

if ur into sailor moon and u dont like her we cant be friends

A photoset that perfectly expresses Maplebunnie

I havent been able to post any earthquake au because I changed my password and I forgot and the reset email isnt sending OTL


can you imagine though:

Everyone’s at the Tachibana house and the first thing everyone wants to do is hold baby Maiha, so they all petition Makoto to hold her so he hands her over with a wry smile.

They hold her for like a minute and she’s kicking and wiggling and heavier than they thought so…

What is hilarious to me about this is that Minoru was a late walker because he loved to be held. So I bet when Maiha was born it was a complete readjustment for everyone who had been used to lazy bum Minoru.