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They are literally putting millions of people in danger.

Vaccinate your kids.  Don’t put other kids at risk.

yo but seriously though because some kids can’t get vaccinations because of medical reasons, or because they aren’t old enough, and by you not vaccinating your child could literally kill another one. Vaccinate your fucking children jfc

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun (◡‿◡✿)

Meet me after school


I don’t track the Makogou tag (weird I know) but Canta reblogged kaneladit's post where they asked for a fic about Makoto telling Gou he was going to Tokyo. Free! is really all about dumbass teenagers and their inability to communicate properly, so in that spirit here is Makoto making Gou worry about nothing. 

This is in the same universe as Incalescent, Before You Go and Sweater. 

Last summer after regionals Gou had been a mess. A good mess. A we-just-got-disqualified-from-regionals-but-my-brother-looks-like-his-old-self-and-Makoto-just-confessed-to-me-and-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-myself mess. A now-I-have-a-big-secret mess.

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This was so lovely and cute I have to reapproach it a second time so I can read it calmly instead of reading a sentence and covering my face with a squeal because of how adorable Gou is in this, and how adorable they are TOGETHER in this.


"Makoto! You’re back!"

"Missed me that much, Gou-chan?"

"You have no idea."


Like, he’s back from college or something like that.

This couple has stolen my OTP special spotlight. Imma worship them hard, like whoa, HARD.


99% chance they’re just going to to buy ice cream


You know what’s great about Gou, though? She’s a tough girl who doesn’t take anyone’s crap, she hangs around with all these hot athletes, and she’s the biggest girly-girl. Like, she carries these tiny purses and has the cutest wardrobe (when she’s not wearing her uniform) and she puts effort into styling her hair and clearly fawns over boys, too, even if it’s just their muscles.

She loves fashion and hot boys but doesn’t come off as weak and that is the best thing.

The Hilarious Characters of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

  • me on my way home from class: oh man i'm gonna get so much work done let me make a to do list and get that shit done quickly and effectively i'm so pumped
  • me the second i get home: nah