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Makoto ‘a la’ Disney :)


It’s not about the muscles, really. It’s about how his precious little sister has picked up a certain nerd’s gesture… I just really love the ReiGou moments last ep. xD

It’s unusual I made a comic from Left to Right usually it’s the opposite. OxO;;

Makoto Tachibana (Ep. 4)

Earthquake: 4


Well, it’s still technically after work. I was going to make this longer, but I didn’t want to keep fussing over it. I’ve already rewritten three times! There might actually be two more parts after this, we’ll see how it pans out. Sorry for any mistakes, I’m really exhausted!

Makoto walked out of the museum cradling an injured shoulder with a bloody hand, and no diaper bag or baby carrier. Minoru had the bag. Gou had the carrier. Maiha had Gou by the hair, but Gou smiled like there was nothing better than having her hair yanked by her daughter. After the afternoon that they had been through, that was probably true.

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Now that all current episodes of LoK are up on Nick’s site, I must implore fandom to watch things on (or their partners’ sites) as much as you can. Now that Korra is exclusively digital, we as fans need to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to support…